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Boss Lady – S01 E02 (18+)

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Sometimes there are just too many annoying people in sight that it makes you feel crazy to be in the same place with them or even within the same vicinity. When the time comes, it would be great to not see these annoying people or at least let these annoying people know exactly how you feel about them.



If that is not possible, relax and let yourself be comforted by the fact that you are not the only one. May you not invite those annoying people into your life, make the rules like a great person.



The truth is that I care a lot about the first impression if I get annoyed with you, youll know.



I am pretty much a tolerating person so if I get mad at you, it means you are just too much.

Some people think I am snobbish, I think its more of I get easily irritated with people.

I am certainly not irritable so if we do not make sense together, you should know what it is. I do not like people who think that’s simple feats in life are impossible, it does not exist for me. We can build a lot of things together if you remove your habit of interrupting me when I talk.

the sight of Sharon irritated me, yes she is my girlfriend but I was tired of her nagging and complaining, all I ever wanted was a calm cool girlfriend now her she was the opposite, yes the sex was to die for, the girl was wild in bed, no woman can make you feel like that in bed…

after she left my room I got up and started preparing for class.

saw your girlfriend coming out of our room” Jerry asked

yes ” I said

hope she didn’t find Sarah ” he asked

Sarah left around 04″ I said

why are you with her ” he asked

the sex dude ” I said

he laughed

look dude the girl can take you places you have never been, she is just wild ” I said

I try her ” he asked

don’t you dare ” I said

after class, I went to see Sarah.

hey, sexy ” she said. she only had her towel on.

going to take a shower”, I said biting my lower lip.

from bathing ” she said

Sarah was more fun being around, she wasn’t wild but crazy…

I moved closer to her…

ray I have class ” she said

come on, just one round” I said

she giggled…Sharon was prettier than Sarah but hey, a h—y man doesn’t care as long as he had his way.



I placed her on her bed. removed her towel…

I started kissing her I played with boobs, she moaned softly, I moved to her belly button, I played with it, then went to the punani I enjoyed the way she lost control. she coolval stories moaned like a crazy maniac..

I entered her, she was busy moaning, my phone kept on ringing. but I was enjoying it…

when I was done, I went to my room…I took a quick showed. When I was done, I found Sharon.

hey,” she said.

hi ” I said

I have been calling you ” she said

I was busy ” I said getting my body lotion

with what ” she asked

what kind of stupid question is that ” I asked?

the one that gave me you the audacity to lie to me ” she said

excuse me ” I asked

I saw you entering Sarahs room” she said

now why are you asking” I said

she got up and sat next to me.

I just had a boxer on …she started caressing my body.

Sharon not now” I said

but she didn’t stop. She got on top of me and started kissing me, I was tired from the search session but I didn’t want her to know all she will nag me like crazy. I kissed her back, she removed my boxer and gave me a blow job. You see what I say wild.



I screamed her name and she did it fast.



when I was about to c-m, I withdraw from her mouth.

come here ” I pulled her from her braids.



she sat on top of me I unbuttoned her jumpsuit.

I removed everything and entered her she moved her little waist like she was that traditional dancer. Sharon was dark in complexion pretty and had a model body but when she was in bed, she can handle any weight.



you are one cray cray girl ” I said trying to catch my breath…

she giggled…

I kissed her forehead.

I need to go ” she said

okay ” I said

I watched her as she got ready. before she finished dressing up Sarah walked in…

what is going on ” she said

I can explain babe ” I said

babe “Sharon asked

no babe ” I said looking at Sharon.

Sarah slapped Sharon.

what was that for ” I asked?

for sleeping with my man ” she said

Sharon looked at me and walked away.



Sharon ” I yelled

it’s her ” she asked

no babe it’s you ” I said moving close to sarah

then why are you from having sex with her ” she asked

she was seducing me ” I said

why can’t you refuse” she asked?

you know there was nothing I can do, am a man ” I said

control yourself ” she said

okay, babe” I said pecking her lips.

I escorted her, I needed to talk to Sharon but she was avoiding me.



you scrolled two ladies ” he asked

you know me ” I laughed

you are people,of all people ,if it was history you could have a name by now ” he said

I was caught ” I said.



how ” he asked

we didn’t lock the door; you know how Sharon makes me lose my mind ” I said

who caught you ” he asked?

Sarah but I convinced her that Sharon was after me ” I said

you are bad news, but did Sarah buy the excuse ” he laughed

I nodded .

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