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Boss Lady – S01 E05 (18+)







Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. Not waiting for inspiration’s shove or society’s kiss on your forehead. Pay attention. It’s all about paying attention. attention is vitality. It connects you with others. It makes you eager. stay eager.

why is she sending nudes to him ” I asked myself

Ray used to put passwords on his phones but not his laptop, I found a thousand nudes on his laptop, of different girls.

he walked in with some food.

babe I thought we have something to eat ” he said

Ray why do you have a thousand pics of girls who are naked ” I asked

how is that your business ” he asked


my business is that, am your girlfriend respect me a little” I said


Sharon not in the mood for your nagging and who gave you the authority of going through my laptop ” he asked upset

am your girlfriend I have the right to do what I want and why you getting upset ” I asked getting up

am getting upset because you act like a stupid idiot “he said

I slapped him.

you slapped me ” he held his cheek.

never call me that just because I love doesn’t give you the right to treat me like this ” I said

he slapped me so hard that I hit the studying table.

I screamed.

get out ” he yelled

Ray !! I have hurt myself” I said

so, what do you want me to do ” he asked?



Ray ” I mumbled

Ray, what just go ” he said

I got up with tears streaming down my face, I went to my room and found jasmine studying. when she saw me, she rushed to where I was standing.

what happened to you ” she asked holding my cheek

ouch ” I groaned

what is it who did this to you huh” she asked worried?

it’s Ray ” I said

she let go and clicked my tongue.

jas am hurt ” I said

so, what do you want me to do ” she asked?

show a little compassion” I said

and why, who died alo chiwa wabufi (the devil is a liar)” she said

jas please ” I said

soak yourself in salty water or methylated spirit” she said

I was hurt that my friend was not showing me a little care even one bit.

hey ladies ” he said

the voice sounded a little familiar but I just covered myself.



Caleb you welcome” maria said

what is he doing here ” I asked myself?

arent you guys ready I told you am coming to pick you up; its a Friday remember” he said?

we are ready” they said

you are busy painting yourselves ” he laughed

let’s go ” maria said

they left, just the quietness could tell that they left.

I got out of bed, it really hurt that they left me, Caleb has taken his attention to my friends now not me, I thought to myself


I prepared something to eat and I took a shower than retired to bed.

the girls returned around 10am in the morning. they just slept, I felt hurt that they left me. I cleaned the room and started preparing lunch for us. Caleb came with some goodies.

afternoon ” he said with a smile.

afternoon” I said

are the girls in ” he asked

yes ” I said

hope they are dressed ” he asked.

I never took a look at this guy, he was hot ok handsome so to say, he had a height to die for and the body, oh my gosh I can’t explain he had one dimple, he wore a blue short and black t-shirt. if you have never salivated on someone you can on this guy …

food is ready ” I said

what happened to your face ” he asked?

I hit myself ” I lied

sorry my bad, I will take a look at it later” he said

let’s eat Caleb”Maria said

what has she cooked ” he asked?

okra beans ” jas said

oh my gosh my favorite ” he said

we sat on the floor and started eating, they were busy talking about yesterday and laughing.

I have really enjoyed this meal ” he said

she is a good cook” jas said

thanks ” I said getting the plates, when I was done, I swept the room again.

he came back with a first aid kit.

let me take a look he said

he started doing something to my face …

this wound is deep ” he said

I faked a smile.

am done ” he said

thank you” I said

will see you some other time, me and the girls are going for ice cream ” he said

even ice cream am being left out when the girls know how much I love ice cream” I said to myself.



he walked out, I started crying, they have left me. I started watching a movie and dozed off.

Sharon ” someone shook me

I opened my eyes it was maria.

you are back from your date ” I asked

yes, Caleb gave me this to give you for your wound she said handing me a plastic.

I got it with so much disappointment. I thought he will hand me a plastic bag of ice cream.

I felt lonely, to make the worse, I didn’t even think about ray I was thinking about what the girls are doing to me …

#2weeks passed and the toucher continued, they would go for a weekend and come back with new clothes and shoes.



Ray please let me go ” I said

let’s talk ” he said

about what ” I asked

us babe I miss you ” he said

okay thank you ,for missing me” I said

really Sharon” he asked

the day you will know how to treat a woman that’s when we can talk ” I said

walking away. I didn’t say all those things because I wanted to say that, its because I was hurt for what I have been going through.



I found the three idiots busy laughing.

hey doll ” maria said

how was class ” jas asked

fine ” I said not looking at them.

guys I have to get going, I have work ” he said

ok doc, see you” maria said giggling like a 3year old who was given a lollipop.

he left.

what’s with your attitude” jas asked

I didn’t realize she was talking to me.

Sharon, am talking to you ” she asked

jasmine look continues with your three some and let me be ” I said typing my assignment.

what is your problem ” maria asked?



my problem is you are bringing a guy who I denied here and busy entertaining him ” I said

he never proposed to you, he just wanted you to be his friend” jas said

it’s the same ” I said

oh please shout up ,are you jealous that the guy is interested in us ,let us offer what you couldn’t offer him ,and moreover he enjoys our company than yours ,oh my bad you have never been close to that guy before ,so let us enjoy what could have been yours sweetie” jas said .



and next time when he is around pretend you are happy for us, dont be jealous, go to your Ray ” maria said

I just looked at them tears streamed down my face…

they clicked their tongues and left.

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