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Boss Lady – S01 E07 (18+)

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Dont settle for a relationship that wont let you be yourself. Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. We should not see ourselves as the contestant but as the prize The energy in which we go into a relationship is usually what we get out of it. So, if we go in quite hastily or not being ourselves or balanced, we will have to deal with that at some point in the relationship as it sets the tone for the whole relationship.

I was so disappointed ,I wanted him to kiss me so badly ,I was craving for his kisses ,he smelled like heaven and the Idris Elba body was just so perfect ,when God was creating Caleb he took his time ,this dude was amazing , handsome , fabulous , delicious oh my gosh I don’t know what word I can use .

it’s getting late, can you take me to campus ” I said looking at the watch.

you want to go now ” he asked

I nodded.

let me get my coat ” he said

he came back after some time and handed it to me.

thank you ” I said putting it on. oh, it smelled nice.



Caleb was a neat clean dude; he knew what it means to be smart. he drove to school. And left.

I went to the room and the girls were all smiles.

what ” I asked

I thought you never liked the guy ” jas asked

I left my bag in his car ” I said

you bought a new coat “maria teased

what’s up with you two, isnt he your lover boy ” I asked

for now, he is yours, it seems you like him more than us moreover we just enjoyed his money ” jas said.

I just smiled. I slept when I woke up, I found the two gone, since them it was accounts, we had different class schedule. I heard a knock I dragged my lazy feet to open the door.

so, you don’t want me because of that guy huh” ray asked

Ray leave,am not in the mood for you today ,moreover its too early” I said

leave what, you are mine” he said

I am not yours just leave” I said

he punched me, and started beating me. I was screaming but he continued beating me. . when he got tired, he left.

I cuddled myself in the corner, I cried my eyes out,I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even get my phone.



maria returned when she saw me, she rushed to where I was.

what happened” she asked

Ray ” I busted into tears.

why ” she asked

because of Caleb ” I asked

she dialed someone’s line, I was in so much pain, every time she tried touching me, I moaned in pain.



Caleb banged into our room with his lab court.

he didn’t ask anything he carried Me to his car, people were busy starring at us.

get her something comfortable to wear,” he told maria

she came back with a dress and my sandals. He told maria to help me change in the back seat. I was busy moaning in pain. the idiot did me bad.

he took me to the hospital and told the nurse to take a look at me.



let me go back to work, I will see you later okay, maria stay with her, and amor stop crying okay you will get sick” he said

I nodded

the nurse took a look at me and I had cuts on my face.

she gave me some pain killers and I dozed off.

I was woken up by him.

hey ” he said

hi ” I said with my eyes half way open.

we need to go ” he said.

he wore a white smart shirt and a black trouser with a brown belt. . even in my state he looks delicious the way I can ride him all night, he can forget his troubles.



he wasn’t driving the road going to school, he hooted and a man opened the gate now I remember that we are at his place. we got inside and he showed me the guest room. I didn’t ask questions.

he prepared a salty water for me to bath. It felt so good.

I found a young lady in my room.

sir sent me to help you ” she said

am fine thank you ” I said

she smiled and left.

she came back with some PaJamas.

thank you ummmm…she interrupted me

Blessings” she said

I nodded

she left. I heard a knock.

come in ” I said

he entered all sweaty, just looking at him I became turned on. I was drooling.



I wanted to check up on you ” he said

am fine ” I said

you will be staying here for a while until I found a place safe for you to stay because I don’t know what he will do to you next ” he said

I faced down.

Maria told me don’t worry am here to protect you ” he said

I nodded

let me shower than we can talk ” he said

he came back while I was eating.

am glad you are eating ” he said

I smiled

when I was done, I put the tray on the table in the room.

he sat next to me.



how long have you been dating the same guy ” he asked?

8months ” I said

and he is already hitting you” he asked

this is the second time, the first it was about some nudes I found and the second was about you ” I said

what did I do ” he asked?

he thinks I have something to do with you ” I said.

he is a jealous freak huh” he said

it’s the first time he is acting like this, he has never even once showed me he cared ” I said

it’s okay ” he said.

he looked straight into my eyes; I felt a special connection between us.

he kissed me and I kissed him back, his lips were so soft that I wanted to eat them up. he pulled out leaving me craving for me.

I have to go ” he said

really dude ” I thought to myself …

he left.



what was that, he kisses me and leaves me craving for more like a crazy lunatic …

the days that passed were crazy, though he never kissed me again and I was craving for more. but he was a gentleman man.



so, you won’t come back ” jasmine asked

I will but he says not now ” I said

that Ray is a lunatic” maria said

I tell you “I said

I picked some few clothes, as we were waiting for Caleb to reach the car park Raymond showed up but this time, he was drunk.



babe ” he said

I started shaking.

he won’t do anything stupid, we are here “the girls said

I need to talk to you ” he said

she doesn’t want ” maria said

hey hey are you her spokesperson” he asked

Ray just go ” I ordered

babe please ” he begged

just leave ” I said

Caleb showed up.



he came were we were standing and kissed me.

shall we ” he asked

yes love ” with my eyes closed.

by girls ” Caleb said

see you ” they smiled.

so, it’s that bustard you want not me ” Ray yelled

shout up ” just heard jas say.

he took me to have out dinner than went home.

I really wanted Caleb tonight, yes, we had some few drinks and when I drink, I become a little h—y.

he put the bag in my room.

huh ” I faked a pain

what is it ” he asked?

he came close and I made him face me, I made him kiss me.

we can’t ” he said getting up.

why ” I asked

Sharon goodnight” he said

I want you ” I said

you had too much to drink ” he said

am not drunk Caleb” I said

he walked away and I started throwing things everywhere.

I hated what he was doing to me like seriously.

I went to school and when I got back ,I found my room clean ..I went to the kitchen to eat and went to sleep ..I woke up ,when I checked the time it was 7:30pm..Caleb didn’t wake up cause he was in the afternoon shift ..I took a shower and just wore my robe and went to the kitchen ..



his Caleb back ” I asked

she nodded

what time did he come back ” I asked?

he came back an hour ago ” Blessings said

where is he ” I asked

study, he is with someone ” she said

who ” I asked?

I don’t know but its a lady ” she said

oh okay ” I said

I went to the lounge, it was next to the study, they were busy giggling in the study.



after sometime it was quiet, I knew he was f—–g her. I went to my room disappointed. I thought we had a shot at this.

madam, sir is looking for you ” she said

I fixed myself and went to the study.

I knocked.



come in ” he shouted

when I opened, he was busy packing some folders?

you called me ” I said

yes, I was thinking that you just stay here, for a while I will just find you an apartment when you get back ” he said

Is that why you called me ” I asked

yes ” he said

is your pretty miss gone ” I asked?



yes, she is gone ” he said

it was one hot session leaving you packing your files do fast ” I said

it was” he said looking at me.

I got upset, I was about to leave when he grabbed my hand.



look at me ” he whispered in my ear.



I couldn’t look at him.

mi amor look at me ” he whispered

I turned slowly and looked at him .my legs were weak.

he kissed me oh my gosh I felt every bone cracking lol. he placed me on top of his study table he kissed my neck all the way to my belly button, I had nothing underneath.



he removed his short.

he got protection and the minute he was in oh gaah. gash.



we made love everywhere his couch, floor, everywhere. the dude was big the time he was done I felt like my virginity was broken again but it’s okay cause I enjoyed every minute of it …when I wake up, I was in my room…



I found a note ” I got work, take care of yourself ” I kissed the note. took a shower and prepared for class.


what’s with the blushing today ” maria asked

am happy ” I said

okay amor ” she teased

only Caleb calls me that ” I said

I thought you never liked the guy ” jasmine said

bye guys” I said

why bye come back here ” maria yelled

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