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Boss Lady – S01 E14 (18+)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 14




Life has taught me that you can’t control someone’s loyalty. No matter how good you are to them, doesn’t mean that they will treat you the same. No matter how much they mean to you, doesn’t mean that they’ll value you the same. Sometimes the people you love the most, turn out to be the people you can trust the least.”


“Betrayal is never easy to handle and there is no right way to accept it.Nothing hurts more than disappointing the person who has always been there for you.



bae travelled ” Kathy said

imagine I miss him ” I said

love birds ” she said

I feel like we met yesterday ” I said

I can tell” she giggled

Kathy was Elisha’s wife ,we became close because of our husbands ..Caleb traveled to work in chingola. this time it was for two months ,and he got the boys because his mother wanted to see them ..I was so lonely without the three of them .



hey mummy ” they said

my boys” I said

mummy we miss you ” they said

me more ” I said

I miss you more” Caleb said

come back soon ” I said

soon babe ” he said

am craving for you ” I said

I will give you,anywhere when I come back ,I will f–k you till you lose your mind ” he said

bashi jr there are kids around ” his mother yelled

I love you ” he said laughing

I love you more ” I said

he hung up ..



I didn’t feel sleepy and I remember at school people where talking about a party . ..I bathed and wore ripped shorts a white top and a blue jumper .with black ankle boots ,did my makeup got some cash and I was good to go ,but before I left I removed my wedding ring,i didn’t want to lose it ..when I got to the venue ,if you look at me people deny that i have kids .



I danced my life out ,I got myself a few ciders ..and you know when I drink too much I become so h—y that I can’t control myself wonder I drink with my husband only ..

I finally found you” a man said

I turned and it was the guy I met when Caleb jr was 4months remember ..the guy Caleb was upset with the first time. .


oh hey ” I said

you look hot ” he said

thank you ” I said

where is your bodyguard” he asked

we broke up ” I said

he is a fool leaving a hot lady like you ” he said

I smiled

am Andrew and you are ” he said

am rose ” I said

Rose was my middle name ,it’s high time I used it .


so Rose do you want us to continue our night here ” he asked

I don’t think so ” he said

I followed him.and we went out ,he was all over me .. we went to a house ,I didn’t care what it was .


feel at home ” he said

it’s a beautiful house ” I said settling down ..


thank you ” he said

he came back with changed clothes .


he moved closer to me .

we barely know each other ” I said

we can know each other along the way ” he said

he moved more closer. he started caressing my thighs and it felt so good .. he unbuttoned my short ,I couldn’t stop him ..


he removed my short and started kissing me ,I moaned softly. .we went to his bedroom ,this house was huge ..


he got on top of me .


do you have condoms ” I asked

yes ” he said

we can continue ” I said

he played with my forbidden land with his fingers and it felt so good …I continued moaning so loud .



the time he entered I lost control. I moved my waist so crazy …we had 1,2,3,4 I lost count of the round we had ..but I enjoyed every minute of it ..

we slept in each other’s arms.

hey ” he woke me up with a tray of breakfast

I thought i was dreaming ,oh my gosh I have cheated on my husband ..


morning beautiful” he said

morning” I said

breakfast in bed for my queen “he said handing me the tray ..

thanks ” I said

I had my breakfast with shame ..

you are one crazy girl in bed ” he said

am glad you liked it ” I said shyly

you are shy when you are sober ” he teased

I laughed ..



I had my breakfast and I had a quick one in the bathroom ..

put your number here cause ,I doubt you will call ” he said

I put my number in his phone ..

he kissed me than I got out of car and waited for him to drive off .


I got on a taxi and it took me home ..



what did I do ,but hey I enjoyed the sex,i showered , changed into comfortable clothes ..I switched on my phone and found a thousands text from Caleb ..I called him and he answered on the third ring. .

you got me worried ,why was your phone off ” he asked

I couldn’t find my charger ” I said

Caleb is the one who loves playing with it ” he said

your son ” I laughed ..


we chatted for a while and he went back to work ..I started chatting with Andrew ..


can you come spend a night with me please ” he begged

I can’t ” I said

why ” he asked

am abit busy tonight ” I said

come on am lonely ” he said.

okay can we meet were you dropped me off ” I said

okay babe ” he said

I took a quick shower and I put on sexy lingerie and a coat on top .. switched off my phone ,I found Andrew waiting for me …

I got in his car and he looked sexy .I made him park in the middle of nowhere just to have sex with him ..luck enough he carries condom ..



you are one crazy girl ” he said

I know ” I said

I can’t breath properly girl you are one crazy girl ” he said trying to catch his breath. .

breath ” I teased

with those kind of moves “he said

I giggled..



we reached his place and he started preparing dinner while ,I wore his t-shirt ..


tell me your story ” he asked

am a single lady”I said

what happened to the your boyfriend” he asked

we broke up,i wasn’t good enough ” I said

am sorry ” he said

it’s fine ,what about you ” I asked

I was hurt ,I loved a girl so much but she ended up marrying someone else” he said

oh my bad am sorry ,that’s messed up ” I said

I know right ” he said

you will find the right person ” I said

I think I already found one ” he said coming between my legs. .

me ” I said

he kissed my neck



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