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Boss Lady – S01 E18 (18+)

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It doesnt matter if youve been in a relationship for three months or three years. When you find out youve been cheated on, it can be the worst heartbreak you can feel. This is a person who was supposed to love you and stay committed to you, yet has totally betrayed your trust. But not only that, this person probably didnt even think twice about what she was doing to you until she got caught. One of the worst things about having to deal with a cheater after you find out is having to listen to her tell you how sorry she is for hurting you. Lets get one thing straight: cheating is NOT an accident. Ever. You know darn well what youre doing, whether you feel bad about it or not.

So, when you hear about someone getting even angrier as their partner goes on and on about what a big mistake it was to cheat on them, it makes sense just try to put yourself in their shoes. Because at some point in their relationship, that persons partner was thinking about someone who was not them. And that realization can hurt a lot. So, apologizing after the fact just makes it seem like as long as you say youre sorry and promise never to do it again, then thats enough.

I got into the car; I couldn’t believe my wife has been unfaithful to me. I promised my mother before I married my wife that one thing I will never do, is cheat on my wife.



I remember the day I saw her, she was so innocent, she never wanted to look at me but today she is opening her legs for any guy. I cried in the car like a baby that needs his mummy. . I wasn’t hurt that she was sleeping around I was hurt that she had the audacity to not even mention her kids …

tears streamed down my face; life is unfair I lost a girl who loved.

God why do you take away the good ones and leave us with these pieces of trash. . I will be waiting for Andrew’s call both of them won’t even know that it is me. I got a new sim card.

one thing women should know is that infidelity of a man never breaks a home but the one for a woman it does.



I couldn’t concentrate at work, the things Andrew told me kept on planning in my head.

what’s up with you ” Elisha asked


it’s confirmed” I said

what’s confirmed” he asked

Sharon is cheating” I said

he laughed so hard that I got irritated.

when you are done please tell me” I said

you are kidding right ” he said

I wish I can, I even saw the man ” I said

wait which Sharon your wife ” he asked

no, my mother” I answered

man no ” he said

the dude is not bad looking, I once saw the guy at the restaurant when jr was a baby, but the guy couldn’t remember me ” I said

have you talked to her ” he asked?

no, I want her to be caught red handed, because she might refuse” I said

what’s the plan” he asked

you will see my man you will see” I said

doctor mwila we have an emergency” the nurse said

on my way ” I said getting my lab coat. I got home at night and I found her cooking I didn’t want her to suspect anything.

hey babe ” she said

daddy” malumbo said

supper is ready ” she said

let me take a quick shower and I will join you guys, go with mummy” I said

life is funny, I never knew my wife would ever think about cheating on me even once., a good place to cry is always the shower cause because you can feel the warmth of tears but you can’t see them. I got dressed and joined them.

I want to marry her ” those words kept playing.



bashi malumbo” she shook me

huh huh huh”

what’s wrong with you, you are staring at me but you arent saying anything ” she asked

I just had a long day ” I said getting up

you haven’t touched your food ” she said

am not hungry” I said

but this is your favorite” she said

am not hungry Sharon” I said walking away. I couldn’t control my tears, I cried till I dozed off.

why do you want to punish me like this oh God? my wife has chosen to hurt me like this .my heart is broken in a million pieces.

you can go to kabwe ” I said

really babe ” she said all excited

yes, my love ” I said

thanks babe you are the best ” she said

I wish you meant it ” I said to myself.

she sat on my laps and kissed my neck.

babe I have work ” I said

oh babe, am really craving for you ” she said

while tell that craving that my husband will be late for work” I said

you have never denied me before” she said

am not denying you baby am just wondering if I won’t be late or what ” I said

let me bath Caleb so that you drop him off ” she said

okay my love ” I said

she left the room …her phone number vibrated and it was saved as

” kabwe warrior”

It pops up on the screen, am really excited for your coming my love ”



the sharp pain I felt, I thought I would have a heart attack. I went through her handbag and found morning after pills .so she is having live sex”

babe am done ” she said entering the room.

babe am asking for chuma (elder sister)’s line, I don’t know what happened to it. she got her phone.


you can get its written big sister ” she said

mummy ” Caleb jr shouted

let me attend to my small love” she said.


I got the man’s number, and someone men she saved in her phone …


you will have the best surprise sugar ” I said to myself.



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